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April 20, 2010

Nunslaughter ~ Christmassacre (EP)

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Style: death metal
Label: Hells Headbangers
Year: 2005
Home: Ohio

Members: Blood ~ guitar
Chris 213 ~ bass
Don Of The Dead ~ vocals
Jim Sadist ~ drums

I reviewed the Christian metal band Leviticus not so long ago, but on Christmassacre you can't get any farther away on the spectrum - religious or musical ... well, that is except for burning a church down & calling the sounds of the flames music & as far as I know only classical composer John Cage has composed with fire. The name of the band, let alone the album, give away everything you need to know about this legendary group that has been around for an amazing 20 years putting out as many albums as Rick Wakeman ... with just as little chart-success. Nunslaughter is famous for their straight ahead metal that's as harsh & raw as you can possibly get with brutal lyrics in spades to match, coming off the tradition set by Burzum & early Mayhem. Surprisingly, the growling lead singer actually allows the lyrics to be heard, always an asset whatever the musical style ... not that you necessarily need to hear or want to hear "oh little town of Deathlehem..." or "Satan is my master". Though, for their benefit, what you can hear are often witty lyrical turns ... cause "Deathlehem" is undoubtedly a witty parody. This is Nunslaughter's only holiday album, or perhaps I should say Ax-mas album, featuring the lost chestnut roasting classics: "Deathlehem," "Unholy Scriptures," "Jewrusalem" & "Unchained Cadaver". You won't find any fancy technical playing here or even guitar solos nor great production values, albeit this is better than some Nunslaughter releases which bring demo quality production to new heights, but this music is so wild, beer laced & fits so much the sterotype of heavy metal that you almost can't help but end up enjoying it. For those of us that listen to metal regularly we're so used to blasphemous lyrics that Nunslaughter barely raises an eyebrow. Anyways, what holiday would be complete without a sing-along of "Unholy Scriptures"?

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