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April 2, 2010

Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures ~ Rob Zombie Presents...

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Style: shock rock, psychobilly, country, honky-tonk
Label: Stag Records
Year: 2009
Home: n/a

Members: Captain Cushing Clegg, Jr. ~ vocals/guitar
Lord Victor Ward ~ bass
Baron Lansing Wounds ~ drums
Mr. Black ~ pedal steel guitar

We all know what to expect from Rob Zombie. A 1950's esque horror movie themed zombie attack against a bed of gimmicky 'monster' rhythms! So, what can we expect from a band with his name on the album? Very similiar. Very ... in the sense that this is Johnny Cash-esque rockabilly & country dobro with monster themes & a dance beat. It's as gimicky & tongue-in-cheek as Rob is on his own solo work, if not a bit more as he's in the producer's chair this time. & it's just as well-done & enjoyable. It may not be metal, but as it's by a metal guy it slips through the cracks. It's definetly music off the beaten path ... & riding the "Transylvanian Terror Train" down the road. The song titles say it all, along with "Train" is: "Zombie A Go-Go", "Dr. Demon & The Robot Girl," "Headless Hip Shakin' Honey," "Macon County Morgue," "Day Of The Dead," "Creeps For Cushing," "Redneck Vixen From Outerspace," "2 Headed Teenage Transplant" & the song that summarizes the album: "Honky tonk Halloween". It's so catchy that it's shocking that nobody has done this before. Will you listen to this album a second time? If you're a rockabilly, country or bluegrass fan you actually just might. This would be a good album for a Halloween party that pretty much anyone will enjoy. & it even has a little bit of go-go thrown in for good party measure! & if you want to know why you haven't heard of this band before, this is a fictional band that organically grew out of the soundtrack of Zombie's Halloween II, as he needed a band for one of the scenes. This is the outcome of too much creativity. But, somehow, Rob always seems to make good music from what might come across as silly in anyone else's hands.

(featured on the Roman Midnight Music CD Reviews & Interviews podcast: episode 3 "Pscyhobilly, Elvis Metal & Bluegrass", September 2010, click here to listen)

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