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March 15, 2010

Rush ~ Moving Pictures

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Style: progressive rock, hard rock, Canadian
Label: Mercury
Year: 1981
Home: Ontario, Canada

Members: Geddy Lee ~ vocals/bass/organ
Alex Lifeson ~ guitars
Neil Peart ~ drums/percussion

Additional: Hugh Syme ~ synthesizers

I've always seen Rush, like fellow prog-rockers ELP as being in the middle of the progressive rock spectrum - Pink Floyd on one end with simpler arrangements that shy away from the multi-instrument cocophany of Yes that's at the other end. I've also seen Floyd as more relaxing, druggy music, while Yes was the thinking man's technical show-off music. Albeit, I'll confess I'm big Yes fan but never cared for Pink Floyd outside of their first album & their legacy. But, for their credit - Rush is the only band of the group still going as strong as ever. Floyd & ELP disbanded while Yes is again on the road but with no new music & a stand-in singer. That all being said, Moving Pictures is the spotlight album for many Rush fans & I would agree. It manages to include some very commercial songs ('Tom Sawyer' & 'Limelight') but also includes a stellar instrumental ('YYZ') & some non-charttoppers that almost make the aforementioned songs seem like filler. It's also a good mix of the oncoming 80's New Wave with hard rock but yet staying within the known heavy progressive Rush sound. What's interesting is that both New Wave & hard rock were in development at the time this album would be made with both trends coming into their own within a few years. It's hard to say if the styles influenced Rush or if Rush influenced the styles listening to this album. Sadly, Rush would go on to have too much keyboards in the mix in forthcoming albums, but Moving Pictures is the perfect moment for a band to show who they were & who they could be & bringing in the best of all influences in a fusion that would make other bands jealous. Until hearing this album I always thought all Rush songs sounded the same, which might have something to do with Geddy Lee's tenor, but that would be a large misjudgement of a great band. If you don't know Rush this is a good starting point. What started as curiosity now is pushing me to listen to more of their albums.

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