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March 18, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne ~ Just Say Ozzy (live) (EP)

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Style: heavy metal, live
Label: Epic
Year: 1990
Home: England

Members: Ozzy Osbourne ~ vocals
Zakk Wylde ~ guitar
Geezer Butler ~ bass
Randy Castillo ~ drums
John Sinclair ~ keyboards

I've always found Ozzy live a bit of a messy affair compared to the perfection of the studio, something particularly encouraged by the blistering guitar of Wylde who to me always overplayed what to me are often simple riffs. The best part of this EP are the Black Sabbath tracks 'War Pigs' & 'Sweet Leaf' - featuring Sabbath bassist Geezer, no less, who I frequently tout as my bass playing idol - but both come at the end of 2 hits ('Miracle Man', 'Shot In The Dark') & 2 fillers ('Bloodbath in Paradise,' 'Tatooed Dancer') from No Rest For The Wicked album. This is a strange collection as it seems to have many roles it plays. At the time, according to the liner notes by Ozzy, it was the idea of the record company ... so, obviously the album was about taking further economic advantage of the current tour, which advertised the fact that it featured 1/2 of Black Sabbath. In hindsight, this concert is more a historical record featuring the last time Ozzy & Geezer would play together on tour before the Sabbath reunions while featuring the first of many tours with Zakk Wylde, who brought new life to Ozzy's dotted post-Randy Rhoads career. Also according to the linear notes this live version of 'Shot In The Dark' Ozzy prefers over the original studio version. Does he still believe that? Also, like many famous live albums, it should be noted that some parts were re-recorded in the studio afterwards. At one point in the first track Ozzy yells "Go crazy tonight." That's pretty much what they do on this show. So, this might be a great concert or it might be a historical piece depending on your point of view. The band drives ahead full-force & everyone is in prime form, though a 1/3 of the material may not be everyone's choice & the album too short by many fans standards.

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