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March 6, 2010

Nutrition ~ Hyperdimensional Awakening (EP)

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Style: black metal, experimental
Label: Death To Music Productions
Year: 2009
Home: California/Japan

Members: Jeremy Mauney ~ vocals
Roland La Goy ~ guitars/bass/keyboards/drums

I ofen have trouble enjoying black metal. It's not because I don't want to but because I don't know what to listen for. I fight against what I perceive as a lack of creativity in the double bass drum & repetitious guitar figures with undeciperable growling. I don't join mosh pits so I'm not looking for music with a driving beat. Then, I hear a band where the growling has dimensions (i.e. Arch Enemy & Cradle Of Filth most immediately come to mind) & where there is some musical variety in the arrangement that shows that the extreme end of metal isn't as rigid as it first sounds. In that moment I realize the enjoyment in black metal ... I just have to weed through the mass amount of junk metal out there to get to the really tarnished stuff worth collecting. A good stage show doesn't hurt either, which was my introduction to Satyricon who I like. But, on record this asset is missing & I'm stuck struggling trying to find things about a recording that makes it attractive to me. When I find it it's a goldmine. This 4 song EP did shimmers with a gold hue. On one hand it's straight-forward black metal, but the hyperdimensional in the title should be taken literally. It's full of little nuances. These range from radio transmissions as voice-overs to haunting gothic keyboards, which particularly bring out a new level to the music with quasi-polyphonic melody lines, solos in different keys & a third track that goes for a more ambiatic approach. I've found myself listen to this EP over & over & over in the last few days unable to find the words to review it because I know I'll fail & I kept hearing new things in the mix. Whenever I think I'm missing something I know it's good music. This album can be downloaded free, so there's no reason not to check it out!

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