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March 10, 2010

Hysterica ~ Metalwar

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Style: heavy metal, Swedish

Label: Animal Records
Year: 2009
Home: Stockholm, Sweden

Members: Anni De Vil ~ vocals
Bitchie ~ guitar
RockZilla ~ guitar
SatAnica ~ bass
Hell'n ~ drums

A female fronted metal band that's not aiming for symphonic opera vocals seems to be a rarity these days & all girl metal bands are rare enough as it is. Yes, we listen to this band initially because of their gender, the key is that at the end of the album we no longer care. Hysterica is not about innovation. This is the spirit of Metallica without the technical flash, aiming for a harder sound through slower paced riffs. Anyone who says girls can't play metal, as they don't have the physical dexterity for the playing, Hysterica is showing on their debut one doen't need that mythological dexterity to still rock. The fact that these are well-crafted songs takes things to new levels too. Listening to Metalwar I'm reminded of what a 19 year old Doro (sans Warlock) would sound like. If you don't know German metal songstress of the past 3 decades Doro you've just been given some homework to get out of your house more often & find some new music. It also can't help but be mentioned that this is a role model band for young metal chicks, of which there are plenty. If you're not a young metal chick & like to see women in leather mini-skirts ... Hysterica is covering all the bases. Nothing wrong with combining gender & talent!

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