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March 1, 2010

Eternal Voyager ~ Holy Warrior (EP)

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Style: heavy metal, power metal
Label: self-released
Year: 2009
Home: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Members: Brian Blake ~ guitar
Kevin Rife ~ guitar
Becki ~ bass
James Monte ~ drums

'Voyager Revelation', 'Holy Warrior', 'Army Of Our Lord', 'New Jerusalem', 'This Is War' & even the name of the band itself belay the underlying message of this album. No, this is not a Islamic fundamentalist heavy metal band. It's not that extreme. Once upon a time people listened to metal to hear about drugs (i.e. Sabbath's 'Sweet Leaf'), or sex (Quiet Riot's 'Cum On Feel The Noize'), or rebellion (Judas Priest's 'Breaking The Law') & even a glorification of music itself (Twisted Sister's 'You Can't Stop Rock'N'Roll'), while in the 80's it became popular to sing about relationships (Poison's 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn') & music that could combine all the above was a real treasure (Motley Crue's '_____'). Then, there was a band called Manowar that flirted with viking imagery spawning something called power metal with odes to rising up like supermen to save society. Yes, bands like U2 have tried to save the world, but they don't play heavy metal. The fact that we would now have heavy metal, considered the doomiest & gloomiest of any music you might find on the radio with it's angry distorted guitars & pounding beats, singing about saving the world from it's eminent destruction & that the world's in a state of chaos, but remember the Tarot's death card doesn't serve the end but a new beginning ... well, it's interesting to see what direction music has moved & what things inspired different musicians. You probably won't hear Eternal Voyager on the radio as not just are they still relatively unknown with their being their first release, but their playing is a bit too straight forward with stock riffs. Albeit, these riffs do get spiced up with some good, though modestly played, solos. But, the real draw is the lyrics. Nothing is hidden behind ear-straining growing so when you hear "we are the soldiers of the army of our lord" or "the new Jerusalem will come" & other such inspirational phrases its hard not to take notice. Their strongest point is the lyrics, but I think that's the point in many ways. & they've got a girl bassist, for those who say girls can't rock. This troupe does rock & are off to a good start & I look forward to hear where they take their sound.

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