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March 2, 2010

Cloudkicker ~ ]]][[[ (EP)

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Style: dub, instrumental, shoegaze, experimental, heavy metal
Label: self-released
Year: 2010
Home: Columbus, Ohio

Members: Ben Sharp ~ all instruments

Hypnotic instrumentals that pull the listener in through polyphonic & polyrhythmic arrangements heavily repeated & full of drones that make them sound simplier than they are or maybe more complicated than they are ... but definetly out of the musical ordinary. The instrumental sections of Built To Spill or Radiohead might be in the same class or some of the dub music out there that doesn't rely on dj manipulation. This is where technical playing meets the groove, where the mood created is seemingly the most important factor, not the flash or the lyrics or the technical prowess. But, creating a mood can sometimes be the most difficult part of composing, particularly in a style as abstract as this & with only one man behind the dashboard. But, what originally got my attention was obviously the title of the album & then the songs themselves: '#', '%,' '$'. As mysterious as the music! Music like this is a welcome addition to any music library as in some ways this is the closest rock may ever come to classical music, which is probably some of the most emotional music around that doesn't spur emotions via words. Further, this, along with the also experimental Sunn 0))), I find more inspirational & on a deeper level than most of the music I regularly turn to. The fact that all of Cloudkicker's music is so far freely available really says a lot about the music, too.

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