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March 13, 2010

Argenraza ~ Primera Conquista Total Del Hemisferio Sur (EP)

(No official website.)
Style: death metal, black metal, Argentina

Label: self-released
Year: 2004
Home: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Members: R. Raza ~ guitar
Eviigne ~ drums
N. ~ vocals

I've made an unwritten rule for these reviews that I won't review an album that was horrible ... & yes such albums do exist ... or I find totally bland, unlistenable & unoriginal. Some albums I review might have glaring weak parts, but the positives should overtilt the balance. I won't promise to give every band a glowing review but I try to be fair in my criticisms. So far, I've heard no complaints. The only albums I'll give a completely bad review to would be those bands, preferably untouchable famous bands, that have an obvious skeleton in the closet not reflective of their greater career, such as The Joe Perry Project's first album which I don't like & neither do fans generally but obviously can't be considered representative of Perry's output. Further, if a band inspires me to write something than an album can't be all bad. & inspire is the key. I don't attempt to pick apart every bar of music or instrument - this I have been criticised unjustly for - but to just let the thoughts flow. If I'm inspired to write, & I tend to not write when uninspired, then some musical magic is happening. It's more complimentary, I believe, to allow the magic then to dissect the songs. But, going against everything I've just set forth - this debut by death metal outfit Argenraza is probably the worst album I've ever heard in my life (which now counts 32 years if you want to know), including living in 4 countries & visiting a dozen more where I always checked out the local songsmiths. Even the horrendous bootleg live jams by the Velvet Underground with potentially out of tune guitars have more dynamics than this near imitation of white noise. Add to this noize top of lungs screaming, three chord riffing out of the Stooges, no solos & monotonous one pattern drumming. & all this is lost under poor production that sounds as if the band recorded in a poorly miked rehearsal studio. The first time I heard this album my ears kept hearing it after it ended or maybe they kept bleeding. An aural assault? Beyond that! So, why give it a review if even my review is making it sound better than it is? Because it's so bad, so atrociously bad, that I can't help but take notice, so they're obviously doing something musically right ...?! I'm also reminded of all those senior citizens who say rock'n'roll is just screeching. This is obviously the band they've been listening to. Now I understand everything! Avoid this at all costs ... or give to your girlfriend if you can't figure out how to dump her. I just don't want anyone to say I'm not listening to metal from around the world & not giving non-English speakers a chance, albeit I can't tell if he's screaming in English or not...

(no music video available)

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