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February 20, 2010

Volbeat ~ Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood

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Style: heavy metal, Danish, psychobilly, punk
Label: Mascot Music
Year: 2008
Home: Denmark

Members: Michael Poulsen ~ vocals/guitar
Jon Larsen ~ drums
Anders Kjølholm ~ bass
Thomas Bredahl ~ guitar

This is one of those bands that’s almost a joke but it’s a joke that works & done with great skill. Remember, Spinal Tap is good because as a band they actually are good. Dread Zeppelin asked what if Elvis sang reggae. Volbeat asks what if Elvis jammed with Brian Setzer & Johnny Cash & they all played metal. The answer is far better than the reggae outing. This Danish trio fuses rockabilly with metal. All three of their albums have hit the top of the European charts, including the #1 new release spot. GG&CB, their latest, just happens to be our fav. Probably the only metal album that opens with a dobro solo, don’t misunderstand this band as they had an early incarnation as a metal band, so they know the ropes &, unlike Sunn 0))), are not trying to redefine the genre just add some fun to it. This would probably be more interesting to those are less inclined to the grind/thrash/doom end of the metal spectrum, but those elements are not forgotten in this potpourri of styles, which also includes a second singer, guitar solos, slow & fast songs and even a conceptual story joining the lyrics. This is a band worth checking out.

(originally written for the Roman Midnight Music newsletter Issue 3, Feb 2010, unchanged for blog)

(featured on the Roman Midnight Music CD Reviews & Interviews podcast: episode 3 "Pscyhobilly, Elvis Metal & Bluegrass", September 2010, click here to listen)

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