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February 1, 2010

Glenn Tipton ~ Baptizm Of Fire

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Style: heavy metal, British

Label: Warner Music
Year: 1997
Home: England

Members: Glenn Tipton ~ lead vocals/guitar/bass

Guests: Rob Trujillo, C.J. de Villar, Neil Murray, Billy Sheehan, John Entwistle ~ bass
Rick Tipton, Brooks Wackerman, Shannon Larkin, Cozy Powell ~ drums
Don Airey ~ keyboards
Whitfield Crane ~ backing vocals

Perhaps it’s ironic that singer Rob Halford’s solo effort Halford rocked with greater venom than much of his coveted Judas Priest output … but what does it mean when the same thing can be said for Priest guitarist Tipton’s first solo outing? This album is what I consider to be a lost-in-the-shuffle could-be-classic, particularly when a decade later hasn't diminished the joy of this music. Recorded between 1994 & 1996 Tipton is not a prolific solo. But, when he records he aims high & brings in the best. His guest roster includes members of The Who, Metallica, Mr. Big, Ozzy's band, Bad Religion, Godsmack, Whitesnake & even Ugly Kid Joe. Tipton has friends in the business, calls them in & gives them something to chew on & spit out. Not content just with some outstanding songwriting & guitar flinging, Tipton also sings with a shockingly great voice that might vaguely be compared to Zack Wylde & might might have landed him an alternative main instrument if history had been different. This album has quite a range of musical diversity, reflective of the timespan it was written & recorded, so there's something in here whatever your tastes, yet always settling in the metal camp Tipton is known for. A must addition to any collection.

(originally written for the Roman Midnight Music newsletter Issue 1, Summer 2009, expanded for blog)

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