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February 1, 2010

Fixer ~ Before The Sun

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Style: hard rock, glam
Label: Ricker Hill
Year: 2008
Home: New York City

Members: Evan R. Saffer ~ vocals
Tommy Zamp ~ guitar
Adam James ~ bass
Rev Swank ~ drums

You won’t find this band on Wikipedia … not yet anyways … but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jim Morrison-reminiscent lead singer Evan Saffer, with his nearly perfect imitation Ozzy stare, on the cover of some teen girlie magazine in the near future. It’s not often that a hard rock reviews mentions good looks but after I saw Fixer open for Lordi & Lizzy Borden the obvious sex appeal is a unignorable part of the Fixer deal. Luckily, you don’t have to like boys to like these boys. They've got the chops, too. This is an up & coming band I'm happy to endorse & review. If Pearl Jam met Hinder & threw in some Skid Row power ballads this could potentially be the resulting onslaught … a good hard-rockin’ album by a band that lets the fun they have on stage carry into their arrangements. A few tracks verge a bit too much on commercialism & dip into the trend of group vocals that created the power ballad so long ago, keeping Fixer firmly in the alternative & hard rock scene with some grunge influence thrown in, but when they rock they do so with abandon that makes up for a desire to present a commercial edge, which no band should be faulted for wanting. Ricker Hill is an independent label but don't be surprised if the next review they get here is a via a major label. Their bound for success. If you like Dysfunctional By Choice or a band you can sing with then check out Fixer & check out a a live show too!

(originally written for the Roman Midnight Music newsletter Issue 1, Summer 2009, expanded for blog)

CONCERT REVIEW: The Fillmore at Irving Plaza, NYC, Dec 2008. As I said, it's all in Evan's eyes! I remember when I was young seeing guys strip off on stage & think how cool they were strutting their stuff. Now, at 32 watching a 20 year just isn't the same. But, these guys were fun to see & put a lot of energy into their show. Metal chicks are you listening?

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