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January 30, 2010

Meshuggah ~ Obzen

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Style: experimental metal, heavy metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2008
Home: Sweden

Members: Jens Kidman ~ vocals
Fredrik Thordendal ~ lead guitar/b. vocals
Tomas Haake ~ drums/b. vocals
Mårten Hagström ~ rhythm guitar/b. vocals
Dick Lövgren ~ bass

The alien-like face, the washed out colors & the odd name (both of the album & the band name) combine to pack an immediate punch drawing the eye to this prog-experimental metal release. But, does the music live up to the hope that this is going to be something as good as its looks? Definetly! This is a searing hot piece of gold that drops like lead & permanently leaves a mark in your memories. A pounding onslaught of thick bass heavy rhythms & slow cosmic-like guitar solos create a bed to growl over. This is a test in fast rhythms, slow solos & abrupt changes that build up to a crescendo. At worst this is the sound of a kitchen blender & helicopter doing a duet with a little distortion thrown in … which is actually something worth listening to! This is prog metal with all the speed one can muster, but don’t expect symphonic overtones like the somewhat similar Dimmu Borgir. No melodic keys here or pretentious fluffy orchestrations. This is pure extreme metal not for the weak hearted or pace maker protected. If you like Amon Amarth & Lamb of God than this is a good band to check out with no disappointment.

(originally written for the Roman Midnight Music newsletter Issue 1, Summer 2009, expanded for blog)

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