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March 18, 2013

Union ~ The Blue Room

(No official website).
Style: hard rock
Label: Spitfire Records
Year: 2000
Home: Los Angeles, California (disbanded)

Members: John Corabi ~ vocals/guitars
Bruce Kulick ~ guitar/vocals
Jamie Hunting ~ bass
Brent Fitz ~ drums

This is one of those albums you may spot in a discount rack, pick it up because of whose in it, assume you know the music & pass on it as a curiosity you might google when you get home. I wouldn't begrudge you that response, as I too only picked it up because of who was in it ... & I'm actually not a big fan of any of the players. I've never heard vocalist John Corabi's one album with Motley Crue. While I'm not a Kiss fan & always wondering if guitarist Bruce Kulick has a style of his own. Though, I can say my former co-worker used to play in a band with Kulick that became the first touring Andrea True Connection & my friend tells stories about Kulick sharing the Blackjack demos, you know the band with Michael Bolton & Kulick. Given the combined resumes of the two main members, I don't know about the rhythm section other than the drummer has played with Theory Of A Deadman, you might expect a somewhat generic glam/hair tinged metal attack. If you said no then you know these musicians better than. Surprise, this is one of those discount albums that deserves hearing. It's hard rock with a bit of a bluesy feel. Not too big stadium or anthem quality nor too polished, so no Kiss or Motley Crue here. A bit more bar band than not & a lot of great arrangements & lyric writing musically with lots of variety. It's very layered with guitars, supposedly twenty-five were used, but it doesn't sound cluttered in the least. Actually, there's few duds on the album. These guys have given Union their all, though given their stature it's almost not surprising the band only put out a few albums then vanished. For those that like late 90's grunge influenced hard rock of the Stone Temple Pilots variety this is an album well worth checking out. After listening to it a couple times it only got better to my ears & I'll confess I put off listening for over a year as I had low expectations. I was wrong.

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