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March 13, 2010

The Rolling Stones ~ Forty Licks (hits comp)

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Style: blues-rock, rock
Label: Virgin
Year: 2002
Home: U.K.

Members: Mick Jagger ~ vocals/harmonica/piano/guitar
Keith Richards ~ guitars/bass/vocals
Mick Taylor ~ guitars/b. vocals
Charlie Watts ~ drums/b. vocals
Ronnie Wood ~ guitars/bass/b. vocals
Bill Wyman ~ bass/b. vocals
Brian Jones ~ guitars/harmonica/piano/sitar/tamboura/recorder/marimba/b. vocals
Ian Stewart ~ keyboards

Additional: Lisa Fischer, Madelaine Bell, Vanetta, Bernard Fowler, Clydie King ~ b. vocals
Mel Collins ~ sax
Rocky Dijon ~ percussion/congas
Darryl Jones ~ bass
Luis Jardim, Jimmy Miller ~ drums/percussion
Bobby Keys ~ sax/percussion
The Kick Horns ~ horns
Chuck Leavell ~ keyboards
Jamie Muhoberac ~ bass/keyboards
Waddy Wachtel – guitar
Jack Nitzsche, Jim Dickinson ~ piano
Jim Price ~ horns

Guests: Nanette Newman, Marianne Faithfull, Blondie Chaplin, Anita Pallenberg, Sara Dash, The London Bach Choir, Ivan Neville, Doris Troy, Merry Clayton ~ b. vocals
Blondie Chaplin ~ b. vocals/percussion
Don Was, Sly Dunbar ~ percussion
Nicky Hopkins ~ piano/b. vocals
Al Kooper ~ piano/horn
Ian McLagan ~ keyboards
Dave Mason ~ shenai
Sugar Blue ~ harmonica

Though three-fourths of this 2-disc set is tracks from the 1970's, it doesn't exclude the fact that though the 80's & 90's Stones are not the same musically they still had hits of worth, though a few newer gems are missing to make room for a few newly made cuts for us collectors who already have every album they've done ... well, I'm actually a couple albums short but make up for it with bootlegs. If you don't know the music of the Stones, where have you been? But, really, if you don't, this is a good starting place & the first album I'd recommend to a Stones virgin. What this collection does is show a fairly even handed overview of the Stones career from their first original songs, as their first few albums which featured only blues covers are caught up in publishing restrictions, up until their wonderful A Bigger Bang that showed a band getting away from the arena rock sound & back to their bluesy roots. It's impossible in two CD's to give all their hits, but this probably the best hits collection the Stones have officially released & potentially the first to give room to the contemporary hits. Disc 1 is the 60's material, while Disc 2 focuses on the 70's & 80's. The new collector's songs are good, but no asset & thankfully didn't predict their next studio album. Though, I can't help but notice that the older Mick gets the raunchier his lyrics & how Keith sings the most seductive songs! For those who don't know, this album was released as a celebration of a glorious 40 year career.

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