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February 11, 2010

Bigelf ~ Cheat The Gallows

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Style: progressive, hard rock
Label: Custard Records
Year: 2008
Home: Los Angeles

Members: Damon Fox ~ vocals/keyboards/guitar
Ace Mark ~ guitar
Duffy Snowhill ~ bass
Froth ~ drums

Okay, so I saw Bigelf open for Dream Theater & Dweezil Zappa. But, how many metal bands can you name where the frontman wears a top hat, plays the organ, is reminiscent of prog-pianist Rick Wakeman of Yes & the sound is a mix of ELP, Blue Cheer & Lenny Kravitz? It’s hard to not want to share this band. Original & enjoyable! Listening to Bigelf is like re-living the 60’s, but heavier than you remember the era, if you remember it. At times you think you’re listening to something right out of the past but then the guitars are just a bit too heavy & the rhythmic dynamics too hard rock than the prog they are imitating. But, prog indeed is the foundation across the board, including the very ELP inspired lyrics. There’s an underlying moodiness to what seems to be upbeat music. The songs ‘Gravest Show On Earth’, ‘Blackball’, ‘Money, It’s Pure Evil’ & ‘The Evils of Rock-n-Roll’ demonstrate, but yet also belay that there’s a little bit of social commentary going on here. But, really, moody is the key word. Intricately composed moody rock music that’s way more enjoyable than you might expect, even if they do blare their roots loudly.

CONCERT REVIEW: New Beacon Theater, NYC, Summer 2009. I saw these guys in the line-up of Scale The Summitt, Dweezil Zappa & Dream Theater. Scale The Summitt was okay but overly lofty, Dream Theater really has to be experienced live & not in your dreams, I've never gotten hooked into the Zappa legacy as I don't like lumpy gravy & I was enthralled by a Bigelf. Their music live is just as good as their recording. Not a fancy stage show, but the entire audience was grooving.

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